Estate Sales, Valuations and Inventories for Attorneys and their Clients
I read this article today in the St. Petersburg Times.  It was written by Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC's "Today," & author of six books, including the book The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times. How interesting it is that even those who are jobless should take inventory of their property.  Here's the link and an interesting excerpt:

"If you're one of the 11.2 million people who are on unemployment right now, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Every few weeks, the papers and morning news anchors are wondering whether Congress is going to extend jobless benefits.

"Over the last six months, the federal government has extended benefits. But they've been extending them a month at a time, so in a lot of cases, people don't know if their benefits are going to run out," says Alison Doyle, job-search expert for

Eventually, those checks really will stop coming, and if you haven't found a job -- not an unlikely scenario in this market -- you're going to need to tread water. Here's how:

Look at your assets. In fact, don't just look at them -- put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and take an inventory. Anything you own that has value but isn't essential should go on this list -- savings, investments, collectibles, a car that you don't use, jewelry you no longer wear. I don't think you should sell anything that has sentimental value (when you get back on your feet, you'll likely regret it, and there's no going back), but you need to know what you can rely on in a pinch. "Ask yourself, what could I tap into if I needed to fill a gap between my income and expenses, with the least amount of penalty and long-term damages," says Keener. If you're looking to prioritize, start with taxable investment accounts, if you have them, and any emergency savings that hasn't run dry. If one spouse is still working, and feels confident that things will remain that way, you can consider a taking a loan from his or her 401(k) account -- you'll pay the money back to yourself, with interest, but the rate is generally low. What you don't want to do, if you can help it, is take an early 401(k) or IRA withdrawal, which comes with a 10 percent penalty fee and hefty taxes.

One note: Before you sell any material goods, like jewelry or antiques, shop around for the best place to do so. There are a lot of scams out there, particularly when it comes to selling gold jewelry. Ask friends for recommendations, visit local consignment shops and get references from eBay sellers."



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