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If my schedule permits, I always try to hand out flyers and other information to homes and businesses in the area.  Today, I had an hour between appointments and decided to take a stroll and place some flyers on doors. It was about 95 degrees and I had on heels.  Clearly I hadn't planned to walk far today...As I went, my feet started to hurt and I was dripping with sweat but I thought "this is what it's all about."  I believe that hard work, some sweat, some prayers, and sometimes a few tears always pays off.  I was definately in that zone today.  Then I thought, "most of these people won't even bother to read these flyers."  A small piece of negativety crept in.  Then I walked up to a pale yellow home, tucked my flyer in the door and found myself placing a business card carefully in the flyer so that it wouldn't fall out.  As I walked away from that home, I thought "Why did I put my business card in there?"  I hesitated for a moment and almost went back and got it, but I decided to move on.  A short while later, a very sweet old man came out onto the street with my business card in hand.  He didn't have the flyer, but he had my business card.  I thought I was going to get chewed out for leaving items at his door.  To my surprise, he gently inquired about Asset Registry.  After I gave him the rundown of what Asset Registry is and what it offers, he nodded his head and said "I think I'd like to have that done."  (big smile on my face) I learned several lessons on that short walk today...RT


Kris Biedenharn-Ressel
05/21/2010 10:34

Hard work truly pays off!!!! You go girl!!!! I'm soooo very proud of you and this fantastic endeavor of yours...I'm looking forward to your services!!!! KRIS

12/13/2016 12:12

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06/03/2017 16:06

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04/08/2017 00:14

A work will always pay off if you put your heart and your mind there! Just like Kris, I am so proud of you. You've been working for this for almost a year. Slowly but surely, you're getting there! I know that you have sacrificed a lot for this, and you just deserve this reward you are getting right now. There's more ahead for you! We will always be here for you!

05/22/2010 08:55

Thank you Kris and we'll see you soon for your Asset Registry.


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