Estate Sales, Valuations and Inventories for Attorneys and their Clients
Welcome everyone!  In response to several requests we have received for information, we've decided to launch the Asset RegistryTM Discussion Board.  We've forged many strong partnerships with area business leaders and have asked that they participate in our discussions which helps keep our customers informed about Asset Registry, financial planning, estate planning, home inventories, estate sales, appraisals, buying and selling of estate jewelry and other valuables, fund-raising opportunities and more. 

The information that you will find here is intended to help people make better, more informed decisions about their personal assets.  You can expect the content to be fresh, fact-filled, and relevant.  We deal respectfully with all subject matter and with our customers.  However, we do like to have a little fun too, so we'll try to work that in sometimes.

If you have resource needs or general questions, feel free to ask them here.  Our network of professionals will answer your questions and get you in touch with the right person.  

Again, we welcome your questions or comments.  RT


Kris Biedenharn-Ressel
05/21/2010 10:41

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11/03/2014 05:32

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10/15/2015 01:56

Thank you! This blog give our customers informed about Asset Registry, financial planning, estate planning, home inventories, estate sales, appraisals and other valuables, fund-raising opportunities and more.

05/03/2017 10:33

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