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  The Fight Over Fido:
Pet Custody Battles On The Rise
Protect “Fluffy” From Divorce! Popular Asset Registry® company launching effort to educate feuding couples to

“Take that dog out of the fight.”

  Tampa, FL (3/16/2011): It’s sad to hear you are getting divorced. Marriage starts out blissful, add a few children and a pet or two and after a few years, you have a war over material things…and it can get ugly. Chances are, you’ll split cash assets, have joint custody of the kids and try to avoid the 1989 film, “War of the Roses” scenes as you divvy up the house. But what about Rover? How do you decide who gets the dog or cat (or pet pot-belly pig)?

Many more divorcing couples these days cannot agree. The fur is increasingly flying in the nation’s divorce courts over pet custody. Some states are even contemplating visitation rights. It is no joking matter for animal lovers. Canine case law has turned into a real dog fight for divorcing Americans. They spend some 40-billion dollars on their pets each year and consider Fi-Fi and Fido to be members of the family. It is no surprise that they are a bigger part of the battle when the family falls apart.

This is why Ronica Tucker, CEO of Asset Registry®, the nation’s top asset registry firm, is educating couples about how to literally take that dog (or cat) out of the fight. “Pets are considered personal property, but like children, they should be treated as living creatures with needs and preferences and divided according to what is best for the pet(s)” Ronica’s best advice is to plan ahead and be prepared for the legal wrangling. “You must document and take an independent inventory of your assets. This will save money, time and grief for the family.”

Tucker’s Asset Registry® has compiled a “TOP 10 LIST of  Divorce Property Division Tips.” Tucker’s favorite tip, “Both spouses will save money and avoid a long, emotional drawn-out battle by documenting and dividing personal property PRIOR to entering the courtroom.” Tucker says this simple documentation, provided by her company, costs less than a year’s worth of cat food and has saved couples thousands, and in some cases, even millions of dollars.

For more on Asset Registry® and protecting your pets and valuable assets in divorce, call 866-434-0811.



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